Thank you for your interest in this campaign

We’re on the lookout for people who can help us. No job is too big or small. Any contribution you make is greatly appreciated.

Not everyone has time to volunteer at events. Here are some quick things that anyone can do to help us reach the House.

Be a Policy Pusher

One of the most helpful things you can do is to share our informative blog posts and "issues" pages with your friends on social media.

Start reading and sharing

More ways to help


Would you consider throwing a fund raiser for my campaign, or just a meet and greet?

Public Speaking and Events

Know of a group that Bill could address? Hosting an event where you need a small-government-oriented speaker? Let us know!

Flyers and Printed Media

Could you pass out flyers at an Event?

Campaign jobs

I am looking for enthusiastic people to fill the following jobs in my campaign. Volunteer and compensated positions are available.

I am looking for an experienced campaign manager that is knowledgeable about many things campaign and political Movements related.
I am looking for someone that can get me, my ideas, my events and my stories in the media.
I am looking for someone to help coordinate volunteers.


I am looking for someone that is competent with paperwork and financial reports.
I am looking for someone with contacts with organizations or willing to foster those contacts. This person would put out my ideas and posts on blogs. Experience with SEO is helpful but not a must.
This person would develop mailing
lists (e-mail and street address) of interested voters and supporters.
I am looking for a fundraiser and event planner.
I am looking for a person that can take my Ideas before lawmakers.
I am looking for someone that can take my ideas and form them into easily understood plans.