Decisions on roads are currently made on a political basis and lack of free enterprise benefits.  I will advocate to turn roads over to the private sector, in a highly structured system that brings free enterprise benefits and protects consumers from out of control prices.  The role of prices, is a vital part of capitalism and free enterprise, which would benefit transportation infrastructure greatly.  The cost and benefits of a new road can only be determined by billions of independent decisions by millions of people.

The Plan

All roads should be privatized in for-profit publicly traded corporations; thus citizens will have voting power on the board of directors of the roads they own stock in.  There would be many road corporations.  The government will remove all taxes and spending on roads.  The road corporations will build, maintain and operate the roads. Government would still have some role such as eminent domain and maintain abilities to ensure the road stays open.  Much of this would be handled within the CRA
powers and structure.

They will also charge for their services with a ‘easy-pass like’ payment system. All gas stations will require a certain balance on the payment system, in order to buy more gas, thus most would be paying for the roads as they fill up. Yes, there would be ways to have totally anonymous payment systems so privacy can be protected.

The Transition

Once the bill is passed, the government will divide all the roads into a manageable sizes and create a publicly traded corporation for each one. At the beginning, the government will be the sole owner of all the stocks. Each month they will have to price the stock to sell off an additional one percent of each road (stocks). As long as the government owns the roads, each legislator will have voting rights for a percentage of the stocks that the government owns.

There are three big factors that will control prices. First, ownership through stocks and the ability to vote on board of directors for the percentages of roads you own. Road corporations will have to participate in Corporate Proxy Groups to deal with the rational ignorance subject. Competition on roads will be real inthat there are mulitible ways to get to most locations. Roads provide a service and services achieve better results in the free enterprise system.