Pro Second Amendment

I, Bill Haley, recognize the importance of the unalienable right to keep and bar arms. This right to protect yourself and your loved ones is fundamental. We need to restore many rights lost over the years. There are far too many ‘gun free’ areas that threaten gun owners from freely carrying and leaves too many areas without the needed protection. People that desire to do harm, do not obey gun laws, thus there needs to be good guys with guns there to stop bad situations when police are not around because the police cannot and should not be everywhere.

State and local police should offer gun and active shooter training. Police academies should start to offer modified citizen training. They can address many scenarios and solutions. Being a good shot is only half the training. Knowing when and how to use force during many varieties of hostile situation could make citizens a valuable asset to police. There would be several classes dealing with non-lethal and lethal force. Yes, the instructors would be trained in spotting people that are mentally questionable or radicalized. I would work with law enforcement and the NRA to draw up a bill.

This training could start in high school or college with age appropriate training. Teachers and other school personnel would have special training dealing with school scenarios. After a certain level of training and expertise, certified personnel would have access to highly secure weapons in schools and colleges. All school personnel would have some training even if not with a firearm. Certain police academy personnel would specialize in training teachers in the teacher’s own school. As people achieve greater training and properly vetted, they will achieve greater access to gun free areas. I could foresee different level citizen badges based on training and vetting levels. Police would recognize the different level citizen badges and their abilities.

After a person is found guilty of a violent felony of a certain class, they should be put on a list of people that are not allowed to possess a weapon. A judge would have to agree that a mentally ill person has been properly diagnosed before giving a temporary ban on buying or possessing a weapon. Non-violent felonies would not eliminate gun rights. Different classes of felonies would have different lengths of time to lose gun rights, they should not all be life-time bans. I would work with the NRA and the VCDL on these issues.