Other Issues

Social Security and Medicare

are not within the constitutional powers of the federal government. Also socialism of the elderly is a very bad idea. I trust people to save and plan for their own retirement. A simple mandate that a certain level of individual planning is far better than major government takeover and control. Government took over retirement planning because politicians feared that individuals would not save up money for their own retirement. Then politicians took over the system and did not save ANY money, rather spend ALL the money as it came in. I, as a Virginian Legislator, will fight to allow Virginians to get out of the tax and benefit side of Social Security and Medicare if a person proves they are planning (saving) for their own retirement. More at Haley2024 the Movement

The VA Health Care System is Socialism!

Our veterans deserve much better. I will fight to give every veteran their choice of any healthcare insurance policy. Government would supply every veteran that has earned the benefit a certain amount of money in their Health insurance account. From that account they can pay premiums in the free enterprise health insurance system anywhere in the country. If the premiums are more, Vets can add their own money, or if lower, the money is saved up or applies to deductibles or uncovered expenses.

Health Care

has become a major issue for government because they have become way to involved.  The two main ways of involvement is healthcare welfare and regulations.  I propose significant changes to that involvement, leading to greater accessibility, quality and lower costs.   My regulation reform and welfare to charity reform would significantly take government control away from health care, thus giving free enterprise the chance to greatly improve health-care.

I believe that money flowing down from the federal government to the states and local governments incentivizes growth of government.  That same principal is found when states flow funds down to local governments. Every level of government should pick their responsibilities (most going to the people) and tax and implement at that level.  Duel level government involvement complicates things and adds to the bureaucracy and expenses.  While a locally paid for project can be built quickly, when state and federal money is involved, the price and time frame is increased.

More importantly, the lower level government gets access to tax money from the upper level of government, meaning usually less than 2% of the funding came from the lower level government’s citizens. Thus, lower level government politicians are highly incentivized to take the extra government, compared to if those politicians would have to tax just their citizens for the whole value of the extra government. If they turn down the money, they see it as leaving money on the table and still paying the upper government’s tax because other lower level governments are taking the money.