Our education system is currently greatly controlled by the government. From birth through college, government has a very large role in the lives of our children and youth, which greatly compromises parental, association, religious and constitutional rights. Free enterprise is far superior. At the same time, every child should and will be assured an opportunity to achieve an education. Too many politicians take conservative cover by supporting bills ‘called’ school choice and simply not fighting for them. Then they write the budget totally hostile to conservative principles and parental rights in education, inherent in the current system.

Who controls the education of children is highly important on many levels. The religious environment that children are in for 6 hours a day and 180 days a year is very profound. The many teacher/student associations throughout education are foundationally formative in a person’s life. The overall world-view taught during academic education develops philosophical fundamentals. The teachings of items hostile to your religion and worldview undermine the most important aspects of parenting. The attempt to stay neutral cannot be achieved and is not desired by many that want their schools to strongly favor their collection of beliefs about life.

After collecting heavy taxes from everyone, it is wrong to fund the education of 90% of the children and not the other 10%. It is fundamentally wrong for government to offer funding to educate children only if enrolled in the public school system. This allows the government bureaucrats to fund just the children they control. There are great teachers doing an amazing job in the private and the Public School Systems, however, parents should have the liberty to FREELY choose. Removing the life-time education tax burden solves this issue so money is available for free enterprise financial arrangements.

There are many school choice ideas out there and I will use all of my voting power as a Virginia Delegate to implement a substantial school choice plan. The current Tebow Bill or other current bills are very limited or simply VERY weak. There should NOT be any financial influence from government to be in or out of the Public School System.
Many school choice plans explore how government taxpayer funds could be given to those outside of the Public School System. While that is better than the current system, I believe it is far superior to exempt those not receiving the benefits from the education tax.

I am in favor of taking two existing taxes and assigning them exclusively to education, one local and one state–income tax for the state and real estate for local. The education tax ONLY applies to residential real estate taxes (primary home). All other real estate taxes would fund other local spending. The state education tax ONLY applies to personal income taxes. After all this is calculated, the tax rates would likely adjust or be a very specific percentage of that tax. Exclusively here means that the education budget is very sectioned off, thus not part of the general budget. All and only education tax money will be used for public education, both capital (buildings) and operating budgets, meaning ALL education spending will be within this education budget.

My School
Choice Plan

If you choose not to enroll in the Public School System, you do not pay the education tax.  The education tax is a lifetime tax; therefore, you are exempt for life.  If you are enrolled in the Public School System for a percentage of your education, you pay that percentage of the education tax.  Each year being in the system would add to your tax rate.

The age divide: this system is set-up to have each person take on half the burden while they are ’13-years old through 12th grade’, and the other half when their children are K through 12-years old. Every year that parents of K through 12-year old’s are outside the public schools, they will be exempt from a percentage of the lifetime education tax. Teenagers would make that same choice, but now the exemption would be from their future lifetime education taxes.

Yes, many details will still need to be worked out. The important issue in education is that no one should feel incentive or disincentive to go to the public school system. Private schools should be an option to all parents and students without a major financial loss. If one is renting, the real-estate tax burden of the owner is removed and deducted from the rent of those outside the system.

The education tax is a life-time tax. The current government system is that government pays for your education and then you pay the education taxes for the rest of your life, thus similar to a very long student loan repayment of about $8,000 a year. If not hampered by government regulations, the free enterprise system would come up with many education funding instruments for those outside the education tax if needed.

If you remove the government’s lifetime education tax burden, there would be room in a person’s budget to have a long term education loan payment. Many models would emerge. Many parents would sacrifice today by paying part or the full tuition as they go, so as not to be burdened by long term debt.

Currently, private schools are hampered by government regulations. New business and education models need a full range of options where they are not forced into an old model. The regulations stating how many days and the length of those days hamper technology based cost efficiencies. With greater regulatory leeway, parents could partially home school, or tailor many education services together.

The life-time education tax burden is currently VERY high. Governments across America spend roughly $1 TRILLION on education every year. It can only come from the 110 million households. Simple math states that every household pays roughly $9,000 a year in ‘student loans’, known here as lifetime government education taxes. Yes, this amount is for higher education as well; however, this does not fully take into consideration the tax credits, deduction and exemptions. My tax plan also reduces tax rates equivalent to the elimination of credits, exemptions and deductions.

There will be many poor parents that do not want to saddle themselves or their children with the very heavy life-time education taxes. Many charity models and financing opportunities for education would emerge to help those wishing to control theirs and their children’s education.

In conclusion, free enterprise works better.