Government is growing very rapidly. Not many politicians are talking about or putting out plans to reduce government. Many talk about reducing the growth, however rarely is there a plan to move a government function back to free enterprise. I nor any other politician has the knowledge of how much should be spent on any sector of the economy. I am loathed to state that education, roads or helping the poor, needs more or less money. We should allow billions of decisions made by hundreds of millions of people, make those decisions, NOT a few politicians!

In 2001, state government controlled through taxing and spending, $8,640 out of the average Virginia household budget. In 16 short years, politicians from both parties doubled that to $17,000 per household. If adjusted for inflation and increased households, the amount would be $13,377, thus the 17K per household, has an extra 28% government growth included. On the chart below, please see the change from 2001 to 2017. Below that is a brief description of my proposed budget changes per major budget item.

I will give a brief description of my proposed changes and links to fully explain my policy proposal for that budget item. On the right of the chart is the 2001 numbers adjusted to 36% inflation and 13% more households, thus a total of 153.6%. The percentages on the right is how much the budget grew compared to the adjustment. Less than 100% means it did not keep up with the adjustments. More than 100% means that budget item grew more than the adjustment.

All data was collected from the state budget website. The Department of Planning & Budget. Please open the link in a new tab and click on each years budget.

Education is the largest percentage of the state budget and is structured in a way that creates a huge loss of parental and constitutional rights.
The state’s life-time education loan payments known as the education tax went from $3,252 per year in 2001 to $6,032 per year in 2017 per house-hold. Accounting for inflation and population growth, that amount would be $4,998.

Politicians grew that an extra 21%. My proposal is simple. For those outside the Public Schools System, thus not receiving the benefit; they would also be exempt from the life-time education tax. The education funding listed here has higher education funding included so that will be separated out. Local life-time real-estate taxes would also be exempted for those outside the system.

Students in Colleges do not need socialism!

Government involvement in Colleges and university has caused tremendous damage. Prices of a college degree has sky rocketed and politicians hold tremendous control. The non-college educated are harmed by taxes the most and do not have the extra human capital needed to pay the college education tax.

College educated adults have a much greater earning potential and should bear the burden of their own education. My policy is simple, eliminate all government funding and involvement in colleges and universities. Taxes would be reduced by the equivalent amount.

Health and Human Resources can be broadly termed government welfare. State spending per house-hold, has risen from $2,159 per year in 2001 to $4,658 in 2017. Inflation and population growth adjustments indicates a budget of $3,318, thus government’s welfare growth, over the adjustment is 40%. My plan is simple, using 2017 funding amounts, reduce taxes rates the equivalent amount and require taxpayers to donate those funds to charities through the structure list on Welfare to Charity.

Roads / transportation is the third largest budget item in Virginia. Taxing and spending was $1,193 per household in 2001. In 2017 that jumped to $2,245 thus 22% more than inflation and population adjustments. There are real cost-control incentive problems in government, regarding spending on roads. My plan is simple, turn this over to the free enterprise system with the structure in Roads. Road taxes would be eliminated and people would pay for their road and transportation services in the market place. This budget item would be eliminated.

Finance charges going from $205 per household in 2001 to $1,027 in 2017 is clearly going in an irresponsible direction. The debt has grown too large. My plans on roads could pay off the debt as the state sells stocks in the road corporations as well a other reforms.

Public safety is a role for government, however you can see on the chart that the heavy growth of the top three budget items is crowding out funding for public safety. While the budget grew from $714 per household in 2001 to $958 in 2017, the inflation and population adjustment would be $1,097, thus 13% lower. Please look at my crime and punishment page and my regulation page to see major reforms. These reforms would bring some public safety spending into the free enterprise system and lower this budget item over time.

The budget item of Administration increased 4 fold from 2001 to 2017. It was $220 per household and now increased to $930. Clearly, proper controls are not in place. My plans of Competitive Regulatory Agencies would take the place of many of these bureaucracies, thus lowering the taxes and spending and replacing it with the cost borne in the free market.