We’re headed for the polls… a year early!

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I put out the word that I need to pass out some flyers and I got an overwhelming response. I had some people over for some instructions and refreshments. I met some incredible people that want to see less government control in their lives and are willing to help me promote and JUMP START my campaign. If you a see … Read More

Citing my sources for why not Ron

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Click on the link to see the campaign finance laws. Ron’s blatant violations of campaign finance laws and misuse of funds are on my site   Ron has been submitting a state wide ‘carbon tax’ or ‘Cap and Trade’ for several years now. The latest was submitted or offered January 11, 2017. Ron named it the Virginia Alternative Energy and … Read More

Ron voted for the 2013 Tax Increase

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Ron Villanueva voted for one of the largest tax increases in Virginia history in 2013. The Virginia Republican Creed states in part: “That fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints must be exercised at all levels of government,” Growing government with large tax increases does not hold true to the creed. Download Download Virginia Budget 2007 2018


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Updated May 21, 2017 June 5th, I added a new blog relating to this. Ron’s blatant violations of campaign finance laws and misuse of funds are on my site. Over the last few years Ron Villanueva has exploited campaign money for his own personal gain. This immoral act has tainted the reputation of the Villanueva campaign, the Republican Party, and the … Read More

On President’s Day, we should look at what powers and authority a president should hold

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We are told every presidential election that this is the most important election ever. Let me make the case that this is true in most cases. We need to set aside Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Wilson, FDR, Reagan, and Obama’s major directional changes. There will always be arguments dealing with history. I am making the claim that every election is more … Read More

Ron V’s campaign spending: voters need to look at state reports

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In a 2-2-2017 article titled “Lawmakers Defeat Ban On Campaign Funds for Personal Use,” Alan Suderman from the AP wrote, “While almost every other state and the federal government have figured out a way to make it illegal for politicians to use campaign funds for personal use, Virginia lawmakers said Thursday the issue remains too complex for them to find … Read More

Ron Villanueva joins All Democrats in voting to NOT PROTECT Pastors/ ministers/ priests’ religious liberties

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In a near party line vote, Ron Villanueva switched to work with the LEFT Democrats to reject religious leaders from exercising their religious liberties. A very disturbing trend has made advances on the church. The Left wants to use government to punish anyone that does not think and act the way the Democrats dictate. Pastors have been threatened with the … Read More


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First and most importantly, Ron V. votes for the current system of government run education that is very socialist and government controlled. This infringes on religious liberty by government heavily taxing then offering to pay for your children’s education only in a secular environment. Many rights must be turned over to politicians and bureaucrats, thus causing much harm. Second and … Read More