A walk through Bill’s experience in politics, business, family, church, and other community involvment


I am a family man and a Christian conservative. I take pride in my hard work and always strive to lend others a helping hand. As the sole provider for my household for twenty years, I had the benefit and blessing of my wife, Ruth, staying at home to raise and educate our children. Ruth recently graduated (2013) with a bachelor’s degree and became a Registered Nurse at a local Children’s Hospital and then with a local home health company.

Media, please use this photo for Bill Haley

Media, please use this photo for Bill Haley

I have experience in the real world. I understand the need to rely on family: the smallest governmental unit. In leading a family, I have dealt extensively with health care, academics, and communicating with the younger generation.

I have been married to my wife Ruth for 27 years. I have three daughters: Kelly, Katie, and Courtney. Ruth and I have home-schooled our daughters from Kindergarten through high school. All my girls have now graduated high school and are attending college and entering the workforce.

I grow up in a military family. I was the 6th of 7 children. Most of my young childhood consisted of waiting for my father to return from 6 to 9-month cruises with the Navy. I learned the Navy lifestyle with high respect for God, America and family. I learned high respect for the Sailors that sacrifice so much and the families that support them.

Born in California, we moved into Little Creek Navy housing while I was in preschool. My family lived in the Little Creek, Larkspur and Hilltop areas of Virginia Beach. My wife and I were married in 1989 and lived near the Virginia Beach Ocean Front, Deep Creek, Great Bridge and for the last decade, my family planted deep roots a block off Kempsville Rd. My wife and I enjoy a large extended family here in south Hampton Roads.

The family is “where we live”. Our founding fathers established a great republic that allows most of the power to reside in the family- for whom government exists.

I have been politically active over the last twenty-five years. I have been a delegate to political conventions in the past: 1993, 2013, 2014, 2016. I have helped campaigns for countless hours over the years.

I am a constant volunteer in church, extended family, sports, friends, political campaigns and the home-school community.

I have worked in sales with Frito-Lay for over 24 years where I’ve won national awards. This demanding job has allowed me to provide for my family. It also allowed my wife to be a full time wife, mom, and home educator.

I have been an active tithing member of my church for many years. I have led small groups and overseen leaders of small groups. I have been heavily involved in children’s programs and youth programs, among others.

In 2002, I had a great learning experience as I was a candidate for the Chesapeake City Council where new issues were debated.

In my community, I have coached many seasons of soccer, football, basketball, and baseball over many age groups.

As a mentor in a public school, I attempted to help through this wonderful organization.

A consistent donor

I have been a chief for the Registrar office for ten elections. I ensured the election was fair and orderly.

Yes, I am the one that got this first, about 26 years ago. I started the first week he was national, in 1988 when Reagan was still president. I have logged more hours with Rush then 99%.

21 Years 9 Months

Happy Birthday, Emily Grace.
As my family and I celebrate what would be my first-born’s 21st birthday, I remember back.