Ron’s blatant violations of campaign finance laws and misuse of funds

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I do not call out violations of law lightly. I do my own finance reports. I read over the rules. They are not difficult. It is two pages of large type and very understandable for expenditures. I was amazed reading over Ron’s reports on how many things he got wrong. As bad as he is at reporting, the real problem is HUGE appearances of self-dealing. When comparing all 100 elected delegates, Ron Villanueva really is in class of his own.

For the violation of law, not listing the store, or company, or person that provided the goods and services as required by law is a large part of my claim of a violation of law.  In 2016, it was well over $11,000 and many times that since 2009.

Vague descriptions of what was bought are also a violation, especially since the dollar figures are so high.

The law and policy clearly state that if a candidate wants the campaign to pay for travel expenses by car, that are campaign related, they must keep mileage records and be compensated based on mileage.  Ron used his campaign card at gas stations over 90 times citing travel expenses just in the non-election year of 2016.  This is clearly against the law.

Ron’s since 2009
$1,256,789 Itemized Expenses

Look at expenditures for Staff/ Consultants to know that his staff was being paid correctly, however many of these staff  are also listed as the payee with the description as reimbursement. Links here and here, there are more, just click around here.    These clearly violate the law.  

Notice that the instructions are clear that vague or incomplete descriptions should be avoided.  You might be able to justify just listing office supplies for a $50 purchase, however for many hundreds or even thousand dollar purchases, office supply just does not fulfill the law. 

Given that the median average delegate spent $214 in 2016 for office supplies/ equipment/and computers, and Ron spent over $14,000 in 2016; Ron vague descriptions really need to be called out. Moreover, given that many of these were also reimbursement for office supplies that does not even list the office store it was purchased from, more scrutiny is needed. Having $22,792 as Purpose Not Determined by clearly show that the descriptions are too vague, although most VERY vague descriptions were in categories.
Some of the most egregious violations are when Ron listed himself as the final PAYEE and listed reimbursement office supplies. This violates many aspects of reporting laws. To make it even worse, most of these dollar amounts have two zeros at the end. How often do reimbursements for office supplies end with two zeros.

The law states the committee should not report the payee as being the credit card company. Ron does this very often.

$488 VISA USA Inc
$483 VISA USA Inc
$464 VISA USA Inc
$444 VISA USA Inc
$297 VISA USA Inc
$103 VISA USA Inc
$103 VISA USA Inc
$29 VISA USA Inc
$20 VISA USA Inc
$12 VISA USA Inc

Is it ethical in your opinion for Ron Villanueva to spend $32,709 of political campaign funds that are not allowed to be used for personal use on a business he owns or in which he has large ties?


Expenditures for Office Rent/Utilities

Ron is listed as: Ron Villanueva – President/Director of SEK Solutions LLC

$6,000   SEK Solutions LLC             6/14/2013            office rent

$3,500   SEK Solutions LLC             1/22/2013            Office Rent


The following is rent his campaign paid.  This is to an office that shares the same address as stratascorp in which Ron Villanueva is listed as President and Co-founder

$1,800   Aegean Associates          3/6/2017              office rent

$1,800   Aegean Associates          1/12/2017            office rent

$900       Aegean Associates          10/9/2015            rent

$900       Aegean Associates          6/29/2016            rent

$900       Aegean Associates          9/16/2015            rent

$900       Aegean Associates          7/13/2016            office rent

$900       Aegean Associates          8/15/2016            office rent

$900       Aegean Associates          9/30/2016            office rent

$900       Aegean Associates          10/7/2016            rent

$900       Aegean Associates          11/8/2016            office rent

$900       Aegean Associates          5/12/2016            office rent

$900       Aegean Associates          11/9/2015            Rent

$900       Aegean Associates          12/15/2015         rent

$900       Aegean Associates          7/14/2015            Rent

$900       Aegean Associates          6/26/2015            rent

$900       Aegean Associates          2/10/2016            office rent

$900       Aegean Associates          3/7/2016              office rent

$900       Aegean Associates          4/26/2016            office rent

Ron also used his campaign card for utilities at that same office he shares with stratascorp

relevant dates are mid-2015 to June 2017

$480       Post On Electrical Contracting     8/5/2016              office expense

$467       Dominion Energy             1/3/2017              office power

$433       Dominion Energy             3/7/2017              office power

$305       Dominion Energy             3/9/2016              office power

$281       Dominion Energy             8/2/2016              office power

$219       Dominion Energy             9/28/2016            office power

$218       Dominion Energy             12/20/2016         office power

$206       Dominion Energy             8/6/2015              Office Power

$200       Dominion Energy             4/27/2016            office power

$200       Dominion Energy             6/16/2016            office power

$200       Dominion Energy             11/4/2016            office power

$200       Dominion Energy             2/6/2017              office power

$200       Dominion Energy             7/6/2016              office power

$191       Dominion Energy             12/14/2015         electric bill

$141       Dominion Energy             9/14/2015            office electric bill

$138       Dominion Energy             2/3/2016              office electric bill

$136       Dominion Energy             10/20/2015         electric bill

$134       Dominion Energy             7/23/2015            Office power

Other office expenses were also charged to the campaign

$860       Verizon                8/4/2016              office wireless internet

When the average delegate spent less than $1,500 in 2016 on office related expenses and Ron’s campaign spent over $33,000 just in the non-election year of 2016, it is hard to argue that this was within normal bounds. Blog

Ron Villanueva – President/Director of SEK Solutions LLC   and link


Ron Villanueva’s Co-workers:

As of June 5, 2017, Ron Villanueva has 11 co-workers under the company name Sek Solutions LLC at


Ron Villanueva rents the same office for his campaign and private sector business,

4722 Princess Anne Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23462.  This clearly offsets $23,209 from his business expenses.  Please look also at Ron’s spending for office supplies for 2016, Ron spend more than 63 times the median average of all delegates and more than 71 delegates combined.  How much was ‘shared’ with Stratascorp?

Ron Villanueva is listed  President and Co-founder stratascorp.

There are huge appearances of self-dealing within Ron’s campaign.

Ron Villanueva’s campaign office and private FOR-PROFIT business, Stratascorp Technologies, conveniently share the same addresses. This makes mixing budgets between his campaign and priavte business easy. In 2016, Ron’s campaign paid $12,209 to cover rent and utilities that would otherwise have been paid by his private business.  Most delegates spent $0 on this category.

In the categories of Office Supplies/ Equipment/ Computers in 2016, Ron’s spending totaled $14,164.  That is 63 times the median average.  76% of elected delegates had less than $1,000. 98% of elected delegates were below $3,600.  Ron spent more than 71 Delegates COMBINED.

In the categories of Phones/Internet/PDAs Ron spent $2,142 more than second place at $6,676.50% of the elected delegates spent $0 and 85% spent less than $2,000. Ron spent more than 68 delegates COMBINED.

Ron pulled out his campaign card more than 88 of his fellow delegates combined for food and travel.  The list of over 200 restaurants and 90 gas fill-ups is wildly more than all other delegates.