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On my flyer, I list how Ron Villanueva has betrayed the Republican Creed.
Below are the facts.

Ron has been submitting a state wide ‘carbon tax’ or ‘Cap and Trade’ for several years now. The latest was submitted or offered January 11, 2017. Ron named it the Virginia Alternative Energy and Coastal Protection Act.

I, Bill Haley, believe this liberal big government program will do great harm in many areas.

Ron’s Cap and Trade tax increase


To the state website

Ron Villanueva voted for one of the largest tax increases in Virginia history in 2013.

The Virginia Republican Creed states in part: “That fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints must be exercised at all levels of government,” Growing government with large tax increases does not hold true to the creed.
This tax increase was one of the driving forces that allowed Ron to vote to increase the budget by 40% since he was elected in 2009. This further blew-out budgetary restraints compared to inflation at only at 12% since 2009.
Here are the links to the charts below.
Virginia Budget

Ron’s votes are hostile to religious liberties.

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I am calling on Ron Villanueva to drop out of the race for the house of Delegates for blatantly betraying the public trust

Ron’s campaign office shares the same door/address and office as his private for-profit business Stratascorp Technologies.  That becomes very problematic when Ron is by far the largest spender on office related expenses from his campaign account.

Total Office: 2016



These are all overhead type of expenses that are not direct voter outreach.  While some are necessary, these have the great potential for abuse as subsiding the for-profit business when the campaign office is the same as his for-profit business office.   

* 42% were less than $1,000   * 94% were less than $10,000

* Ron was highest at $33,049    * 26 times the median average

Ron spend more than 59 delegates COMBINED

Travel/Meal 2016

     * 66% of Delegates had less than $1,000.  * Ron was highest at $14,920

 * 69 times the median average      

* Ron spent more than 69 Delegates COMBINED

* Ron pulled out his card more times than 88 delegates COMBINED!

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