The Left’s Racist Arguments Against Voter ID Laws

Bill HaleyUncategorized

I read this opinion(below). It is a disturbing worldview the judicial branch has adopted. When Clinton and Obama were elected, many understood that some negative ramifications would take decades to unfold and they would be long-lasting. This judicial philosophy is unfortunately being taught by too many law schools and dominating the bench.

There is too much to get into here, however, the Left members of the court really like using the ‘equal protection’ clause of the 14th to claim certain laws ‘NOT FAIR’ in order to push their own policies. The court has also in many areas balanced their preferred polices and viewpoints heavier when deciding what values to uphold, for example, anti-discrimination over Freedom of Association. In this case, racial issues over stopping voter fraud. The list is endless.

In this N.C. case, first, it is entirely easy to attain an ID from a government office. To claim that African-Americans cannot accomplish this is outrageously racist. Racism is an inherent belief that a certain race is inferior to other races.

This opinion keeps knocking down provisions of the new laws because different races disproportionately use certain aspects of the law. The new registration and voting laws clearly try to stop voter fraud. Same day registration and voting is clearly problematic for fraud. Not having a photo ID can let anyone JUST CLAIM they are someone else and vote in many precincts.

Early voting started out as an accommodation for those on vacation, business trips, long work days or other reasonable excuses for not making the normal 13 hours the polls are open. The standards became too loose and too many people that could make voting day, voted early. There are good arguments to have a single voting day with few exceptions.

Voting at wrong precincts is an obvious fraud concern because someone could cast ballots at many wrong precincts. Trying to police that is very difficult, time consuming and expensive. As a chief at a precinct, I know there was not time to monitor that. Having everyone with photo ID’s allowed the line to move more rapidly, thus not disenfranchising others by time delays in line.

The legislature should be able to tighten the standards. Over and over, the court did not look at the merits of the law to stop fraud. Their primary concern was disproportionate effects. Simply no law could pass that ridiculous standard when over 90% of blacks vote for one party.

There are legitimate reasons why voting should not be SUPER easy. Reducing Voter fraud is high among the reasons. Another reason is that it is advantageous to democracy if voters take the time to research candidates and issues before voting, which takes time and effort. Having to make the effort to do it right, which is still very easy, dissuades those without a proper respect to make even the slightest efforts to get an ID and vote in their assigned precinct.

The court thought it important enough to address the strict party line vote to enact the law. The court noted that the bill was passed over some peoples’ protests. The court further noted that the governor ‘of the same party’ PROMPTLY sign the bill into law. The court noting these issues clearly shows major bias from the court by creating a narrative of one side being uncaring and ‘bullying’.

In conclusion, these issues come up every time government gets involved. While voting is clearly a government function, it shows you why government should not be so involved in many aspects of our lives.