The Black Lives Matter Movement: Issues to consider 

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First, never assume racism until it is proven. The simple fact that there is a black person and a white person involved in an incident does not prove racism. People that claim racism without evidence do great harm to race relations.

Second, wait until more facts come out. Too often false narratives are quickly set and promulgated before the truth can come out. Find people that you can trust that are proven to be cautious with what they say. Shun people that are quick to claim facts not yet established and often proven wrong after an investigation.

Third, do not paint with a broad brush. Don’t stereotype a whole group from the actions of a few. The black population have fought negative stereotyping for decades, however, need to learn that lesson in stereotyping police.

Please be cautious of your arguments (this is to everyone). I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to hear people use very bad logic in their arguments. I have heard countless times that ‘you should not be killed for eating Skittles or drinking ice tea.’ I heard that “Brown was killed for walking down the middle of the street” or “selling ‘loosies’ should not be a capital offense.”

Nobody gets killed because a tail light is out or because they are wearing a hoodie. The list goes on, and worse, it is not corrected. Just in case you are not sure, these are wildly illogical statements; these are not even close to the reason that THEY were killed. When leaders of the movement use these, it is more damaging than a stray Facebook comment. If any lie is not corrected, it becomes political truth. Just in case you were wondering, 99% of the time, people get killed when they are trying to kill a cop.

Faith in God, praying for whom you think is doing the injustice, and true forgiveness are key factors in resolving these issues. Frank discussions and trying to put yourself in the other person’s shoes can give some much needed perspective. My church, and I heard many others, were overflowing this last Sunday.  That indicates a good start.

Just because a man is UNARMED or DISARMED does NOT mean he is not dangerous, yes, even deadly. Even if the cop has no weapon, and there is not a pipe or rock laying around, someone could pound someone’s head against the pavement. Many people have been killed with the bare hands of people not even trained in martial arts or special forces training.

A 295-pound guy could kill with just his weight, body slamming someone. However, the vast majority of cops have guns. Once a suspect is within reach of a cop, they have a reasonable chance of winning the battle of who controls the cop’s gun. Keep your distance if directed.

The Black Lives Matter Movement is trying to be defined by many people. Some people want to take a very hard view of ‘let’s go to war against white people and/or Police.’ Some people just want to have greater accountability for the police and everything in between. However, it is very wide-spread that most in the Black Lives Matter Movement are saying white and/or police do not care about our black lives.

The Black Lives Matter Movement is trying to be defined by many people. Some people want to take a very hard view of let’s go to war against white people and/or Police. Some people just want to have greater accountability for the police and everything in between. However, it is very wide-spread that most in the Black Lives Matter Movement are saying white and/or police do not care about our black lives.

When others claim all lives matter, the Black Lives Matter people get mad because they, the police and white people are not agreeing that they (white people and police) are racist and not caring about black lives. It is hard to have a good relationship with someone that tries to force you to claim that you, the white person or you, the police officer are racist and agree that you are hunting them, the black people down.

Let’s look at numbers and if this is a major problem happening at high levels. We have news that covers the whole country of about 330 Million people, of which are about 40 Million black people. This movement came about over a handful of questionable cases of police shootings of blacks over several years.

With about 660,000 law enforcement personnel working about 200 shifts a year and making millions of arrests and even more ‘encounters’, and there are only a handful of questionable deadly encounters,  means this in not widespread. We should look at all encounters and always try to train police better and yes, increase internal-affairs.

While always needing to be better, we have to understand that we are so much better than we were in the past. If only one out of 1,000 police are bad, we would see 660 cops out to kill blacks and we do not even come close to seeing those numbers.

Keep your neighborhood clean and maintained. If police see that you care, they will care more as well. It is proven psychologically, that if you do not care about your neighborhood, others will care less as well. Do not expect the police to care more about your neighborhood than those that live there.

The percentage of ‘bad apples’ in the police population is far less than any other population simply because they screen them out. Other than jail, you cannot screen out ‘bad apples’ from other populations. Even in protest marches against the police, where vile chants about the police are common, police from all races are out protecting the protesters. When shots ring out, protesters run away and police rush toward the danger to protect the protesters.

Policemen are human and often frightened when they need to apprehend someone. If you are witnessing an arrest, be supportive and not confrontational with them. The police are already in danger from the suspect; having to deal with you as potentially hostile is more likely to cause the arrest to end poorly.

On average, the white population teaches their children to respect the police more than the black population. It is heart breaking to see so many black parents and black ‘leaders’ teaching black children that the police are hunting them down to kill them. Be proactive and greet police when they are around and invite your children to have conversations with them.

Teach your children to act as allies and not hostile towards police. Although trained to be respectful of all citizens, police are human and will treat you as friends if you act as a friend. If you act hostile, they will look at you much more suspect.

We have to understand that the root of the problem is broken families. Too often, the great crime rates are in neighborhoods where over 90% of the children grow up without a father in the home. Too many children grow up without a model of a healthy marriage and the strong hand of a father. The Police and the government cannot be fathers.

Because of the nature of government housing and welfare, many youths from government housing do not have as many role models of people working, compared to other neighborhoods. Higher crime rates also keep job opportunities away.

In conclusion, do not call racism too quickly. Wait for the facts, do not stereotype police, and respect and teach your children respect for the police. Let’s address issues that result in broken families and bring fathers back into the lives of more children.